10/11/2017 - Technical tour of the fish ladder

On 10 November 2017, the delegation of the Regional Department of the Republic and Canton of Ticino was taken on a guided tour of the Enel Green Power Plant on Isola Serafini, led by Eng. Tiziano Putelli, who forms part of the Regional Department Directorate.
The representatives of the Lombardy Regional Authorities took guests on a comprehensive tour of the entire facility. The delegation showed particular interest in the monitoring booth, fitted with two cameras that continuously record the movements of the fish in real time, 24/7, on a PC equipped with a dedicated software designed to recognise and catalogue the number of fish and the species in transit. Another area of interest was the detailed description of the operation of the experimental flux boxes, which form an integral and innovative part of the entire facility. The Enel GP executives who authorised the tour also offered the delegation the opportunity to visit the power plant, accompanied by the Technical Director.

Tour by the delegation of the Republic and Canton of Ticino on 10 November 2017


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