March 17, 2017 - Opening Event of the fish ladder at Isola Serafini


On March 17, two years after the launch of the site, it will be inaugurated the fish ladder in the shape of an inverted Y, placed at the service of the two branches of the River Po affected by the hydroelectric dam of Isola Serafini (Monticelli d'Ongina - PC), to about 300 km from the river delta in the Adriatic Sea.

 The realization of this work allows, after 50 years, to reconnect to the Adriatic Sea at least another 100 km upstream of the dam along the main course of the river Po, and the hydrographic network which underpins that extends over 70,000 square kilometers, including the many sub-basins, including that of the Ticino up to the Lago Maggiore and Lake Lugano.


Il sito è realizzato con il contributo dello strumento finanziario LIFE della Comunità Europea.